Your self control isn't the issue... let's shift your relationship with food!

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It’s time to break free from diet culture and the chatter in your head that influences your food choices. This is what is explored in today’s episode with PCOS Explained host and Ovie Founder, Clare Goodwin, alongside Ovie Senior Nutritionist, Emma Wylie.

This episode discusses the common struggles people with PCOS experience with dieting, food choices, restriction and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Clare and Emma discuss the factors that influence your relationship with food, inspiring you to gain back control and feel more empowered in your journey. They explore the path to food freedom and embodying a balanced lifestyle.

By addressing physiological needs and adopting an 80/20 lifestyle, individuals can improve their relationship with food, overcome restrictive eating habits, and manage their PCOS symptoms without falling into the trap of fad diets.

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