People with PCOS deserve better healthcare

Why we are here

We were sick of having our symptoms brushed off.
Or being told to lose weight.
Or that the pill is our only option.

1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from PCOS yet no one was reimagining a system that worked. We thought that PCOS healthcare could do better.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of sufferers, empowering them with the knowledge of their own health.

Our App

We understand that each woman is unique and so is her PCOS. Our easy-to-use app supports you in your personalized PCOS management plan. These plans are backed by evidence and speak to the symptoms that are driving you up the wall. Through daily lessons and quizzes in the app, you will learn skills and knowledge to make lifestyle changes for good. 

Your dedicated PCOS expert is there to support you all the way. We’re here for you when, and as long as you need us.

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Made by people with PCOS, for people with PCOS

Clare Goodwin

Clare Goodwin

Founder and Registered Nutritionist

“I struggled for so many years with my PCOS. I was rapidly gaining weight, my periods had been missing for 3 years, my acne was still plaguing me and I was getting sick constantly.

When I finally understood my PCOS and implemented the right lifestyle changes for me, my PCOS symptoms resolved and my health improved dramatically.

Now I along with our team of experts and scientific advisors are working to reshape the PCOS healthcare environment so that women around the globe don’t have to go through the painful trial and error process I did.”

Clare Goodwin, Founder and Registered Nutritionist

Who we are

The Ovie team is made up of experts in nutrition, physiology and psychology to deliver the best PCOS curriculum and offer support on your journey

Resident Psychologist Sophia


Resident Psychologist

Senior Nutritionist Emma


Senior Nutritionist