Understanding Ovulation: it's time to be more in tune with your body!

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In this week’s episode, Clare and Emma delve deep into the topic of ovulation, exploring the importance of understanding when you are ovulating, regardless of whether you are trying to conceive, avoid pregnancy, or become more in tune with your body.


Ovulation is something we should’ve been taught at school, but weren’t! And as a result, there are many common misconceptions, such as the assumption that all women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle. Clare and Emma unpack these common misconceptions and reveal why methods like ovulation predictor kits and certain apps may not be reliable, especially for women with PCOS.


The episode emphasises the significance of being in tune with one’s body and highlights how identifying ovulation accurately can provide valuable insights into your health and fertility.


In this podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • The phases of the menstrual cycle and explaining hormone fluctuations
  • The importance of ovulation
  • Challenges with PCOS and ovulation
  • Common misconceptions and tracking methods



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