Overcoming binge eating disorder & reducing stress: Moriah's PCOS experience

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Moriah describes herself as a ‘stressaholic.’ Working in a fast-paced, demanding job, she thought this was just part of her life and who she is. She had a tumultuous year with the writer strikes in 2023 and suddenly found herself with a lot of time to spare.

Instead of worrying, she decided to put her time off to good use and signed up for our PCOS program. In the past, Moriah has struggled with binge eating disorder, making diets and calorie counting extremely triggering for her. However, after listening to one of our previous podcasts, she realized she was not alone, and our PCOS management program had that in mind.

Throughout the program, Moriah made changes that didn’t solely focus on weight loss but gave her the tools to manage things she had control over, such as stress management, sleep, joyful movement, and self-awareness. From that, weight loss started to happen.

A huge thank you to Moriah for being so open and sharing your story with us. We hope that listening to Moriah’s story shows you that you can overcome your PCOS issues and set goals not only for 2024 but for life.

If you’re looking to take control of your PCOS like Moriah did, take the Ovie questionnaire below, find your drivers and start your journey today.

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