Navigating PCOS: Steph's journey from athlete to motherhood

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In this week’s episode, Steph shares her remarkable journey with PCOS, from early diagnosis to motherhood.


Steph’s journey began during her athletic career in javelin. She shares how her athletic lifestyle initially masked many of her PCOS symptoms, which were eventually uncovered after experiencing a cyst burst.


Steph explores the challenges of insulin resistance, brain fog, intense sugar cravings and how cortisol impacted her sleep and energy. She highlights how she began to overcome these symptoms – through the power of individualised and evidence-based nutrition, training and lifestyle advice.

Steph also delves into her experiences with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum life, stressing the importance of sleep, nutrition, and mental well-being.

Steph’s journey showcases the importance of developing sustainable health routines that will stick, even when our priorities change throughout life. Steph inspires those listening to empower themselves by confronting their health issues early and taking control of their journey’s.


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