Navigating menopause, feeling out of control around food and finding the right way to exercise with Elfie

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In this episode Clare sits down to speak with Elfie about her PCOS journey, from her early twenties, through struggles with fertility, undergoing IVF, and later natural conception leading to three children. 

Clare and Elfie discuss how her PCOS symptoms worsened with perimenopause, and how a partial hysterectomy did nothing to alter her worsening symptoms. 

Elfie details her battle with binge eating, exacerbated by perimenopause and PCOS, and how discovering a link between the two led her to seek help and make dietary and lifestyle changes. She dives into the challenges of insulin resistance, the effectiveness of a high-protein breakfast, and the importance of understanding one’s body and hormone cycles. 

The episode also delves into the negative impact of stress and high-intensity exercise on her PCOS, and how adjusting her approach to fitness and diet helped manage her symptoms and overall health.

In this podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • PCOS and perimenopause and menopause
  • Feeling out of control around food 
  • Over-exercising and how to adjust this 
  • Pregnancy difficulties and changing severities of PCOS symptoms 

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