Isabel's raw and real PCOS journey: From overcoming food obsession and missing periods to internal peace and pregnancy!

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Do you find yourself thinking about food all day long, believing it’s just the norm? Isabel thought so too until she learned more about her PCOS.

Isabel took part in our program to improve her relationship with food, manage her weight, and understand why all her exercising was pushing her in the wrong direction.

She found inner peace through the program and felt so free after letting go of many things that had been taking over her life.

*TW (miscarriage): After just a few months of the changes, Isabel started getting her regular periods, and shortly after, she became pregnant. However, it wasn’t all that straightforward due to low progesterone levels during her first pregnancy.

This in-depth conversation with Isabel about her pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences delves into the raw and real details that many people go through but don’t talk about enough! We thank Isabel for being so open with us during this conversation and simply love her positive attitude and energy. We’re taking notes on this one, and we hope you can take something from it too.

*Trigger warning – please be aware this episode contains conversation about miscarriages.

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