I wish I knew this at the start of my PCOS journey

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In this episode, we’re going deep on PCOS. PCOS affects about 1 in 8 women, but there’s a lot of confusion out there about it.

We discuss how genetics and lifestyle play a role, and we also touch on the common misconceptions with PCOS, and discuss it’s not just about what’s happening in your ovaries; things like insulin resistance, stress, inflammation, and thyroid problems are all key drivers of this syndrome. We also highlight why what works for one person, might not work for another.

But here’s the good news: we’ve got options. We’re all about personalized plans here, whether that means changing up your lifestyle or maybe adding in some meds if that’s what you need. We’re all about empowering you to take control and manage those symptoms.

This is a great episode for anyone new on their PCOS journey, or anyone who wants to learn more about what’s going on in their body, and wants to start to see improvements in their symptoms.

So, join us as we break down PCOS, demystify the whole thing, and show you how you can turn things around with the right approach.

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