How we're approaching New Year goals differently

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As January arrives each year, some may feel the urge to create several New Year’s resolutions in the hope that this year will be their best, only to lose steam before January even ends because their resolutions are so extreme (we’ve been there too).

Today, the Ovie team discusses how we’re approaching the New Year and what kind of person we want to be—not just for 2024 but for life.

If you want to be curious and ask yourself the important questions that will lead to long-term change, this is the podcast for you.

P.S. If you want to grab a plan that does exactly that, our Ovie 2024 Focus Challenge is now live in Ovie. Sign up today to get access to the tools, resources, and intention-setting plan that will help you improve in the four areas of your life: connection, nourishment, movement, and rest.

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