Fannie's fertility journey: How she got the answers she needed

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In this episode Clare sits down with Fannie to discuss her PCOS journey, starting from her teenage years dealing with irregular periods and uncertain diagnoses. 

She shares the impact of PCOS on her life, including symptoms like weight gain, sugar cravings, and insulin resistance. The conversation also delves into the significant role of understanding her blood work, particularly iron levels and their relation to insulin resistance and fertility. 

Her journey underscores the importance of self-advocacy, and the realization that managing PCOS is an ongoing process that involves more than just addressing symptoms but understanding her drivers.

In this podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • Fannie’s fertility journey with PCOS
  • Diagnosis and care differences between different countries 
  • Why the ‘perfect’ keto diet isn’t sustainable . . and what is! 
  • The importance of knowing your iron status
  • And more!

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