Falling pregnant within 3 months by making the lifestyle changes that matter: Cindy's story

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When we are first diagnosed with PCOS we are often lead to believe that ‘you will struggle to get pregnant’, and we hear this time and time again. But, is this really the case?

We spoke with our patient, Cindy about her experience with getting diagnosed in her late 20’s, struggling to conceive then proceeding to fall pregnant naturally (a month before she was due to start fertility treatment!).

Cindy is a doer and knew she had to take charge as soon as she got diagnosed which lead her to find the programme. She started learning immediately what was going on with her body and everything became so much clearer and she started seeing results within the first few days!

In this podcast we cover:

  • Understanding how to deal with PCOS and fertility struggles
  • How lifestyle adjustments, and tailored interventions can lead to conception
  • The value of specialized care and what to look for in a doctor

We understand that too much information at once can be overwhelming which is why we created Ovie, to take you through step-by-step exactly what is right for you and your PCOS. Sign up to Ovie, receive your personalized PCOS management plan, start working on yourself and see results within days.

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