Becoming friends with her PCOS: Aimee's story

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In this week’s episode of PCOS Explained, host Clare sits down with Aimee, a member of the Ovie community, as she candidly shares her journey with PCOS.

Aimee’s story began in her early 20s and is a testament to resilience, strength, and acceptance. Like many navigating PCOS, Aimee has encountered a spectrum of symptoms—from weight gain to hair growth and reactive hypoglycemia—which she refers to as her different PCOS ‘eras’. Throughout these eras, Aimee has demonstrated remarkable adaptability and resilience, embracing each era with a mindset of befriending her PCOS.

In her conversation, Aimee delves into her experiences with medications such as Metformin, Zoloft, and Ozempic, discussing both their benefits and side effects. She also reflects on the life challenges she’s confronted along the way and their impact on her overall health and wellness.

Today, Aimee focuses on cultivating a balanced lifestyle by focusing on the way her habits and actions make her feel. She emphasises the importance of body neutrality, prioritising mental health, and finding joy in daily activities. Aimee’s approach to her PCOS journey is not only refreshing but also deeply inspiring.

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