Are you feeling unsupported on your PCOS journey?

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In this week’s podcast episode, PCOS Explained host and Ovie Founder, Clare Goodwin, sits down to talk with Ovie Senior Nutritionist, Emma Wylie, to unpack how the right kind of support in your PCOS journey can be critical to your long term symptom management.

Too often we meet patients who feel completely unsupported. Failed by their healthcare providers, misunderstood by dietitians, not heard by their doctors, broken down by diet after diet only to still feel at square one with their symptom management.

In this discussion real life case studies are explored from patients Clare and Emma have worked with, to offer insights and strategies to help and empower you on your PCOS journey.

Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Understanding your path to successful weight loss
  • Acne and hirsutism medication guidance
  • Balancing the goals of fertility and weight loss

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