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Ovie Coaching

Ovie coaching is where our PCOS experts can provide more personalized and dedicated support, to help you better manage your PCOS.

We’ve got 3 great options to choose from:

Deep Dive in 5

When to use: if you have a small and specific question about a symptom or change for you, that doesn’t require any follow up questions.

What will you receive: a comprehensive pre-recorded answer up to 5 minutes in duration in video format from the best suited PCOS expert for your query.

Mini Consult

A mini consultation is an online consultation up to 20 minutes in duration.

A mini consult is perfect for: 

  • A short or one-off discussion around a specific symptom or change you’d like support with
  • A personal supplement review
  • Blood test analysis
  • Fertility Awareness Method guidance (e.g. BBT and cycle tracking and analysis)

Extended Consult

An extended consultation is an online consultation up to 1 hour in duration.

We can cover off the same things as we can in a mini consult, however as we have 60 minutes to discuss in more depth.

This typically allows for 1-3 topics or areas of concern to be discussed.

Deep dive in 5

$ 20 USD
  • 1 question maximum
  • Pre-recorded answer up to 5 minutes

Mini Consult

$ 80 USD
  • 1 topic discussed in depth
  • 20 minute online video consultation

Extended Consult

$ 250 USD
  • 1-3 topics discussed in depth
  • 60 minute online video consultation

Please allow up to 2-3 working days to receive your answer from your expert via email. Please check your spam folder and reach out to us at hello@ovie.io if you haven’t received a response by the 4th working day.

A mini consultation will only be up to 20 minutes in duration, so if the discussion cannot be completed within this time frame, a further consultation booking will be required. In a mini consultation, we can usually address one specific issue or symptom.

While we can cover a lot within the extended consultation (1 hour), we might not be able to get to everything in one session. You can always book further 20 minute or 1 hour consultations for additional support, or ask a question for a one-off query.

We recommend that you come prepared with an idea of the main symptom/s, change/s or process you’d like to discuss, so we can maximize the use of this 20 minutes/ 1 hour with as much coaching and support as possible. Please have relevant documents handy such as blood test results or BBT tracking as examples, that you’d like to discuss.

Please contact us at hello@ovie.io or on the chat support function if you have further questions about the coaching options.