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fix your pCOS by treating the root cause

The evidence is clear: lifestyle change and medication significantly improve PCOS symptoms. But there is no plan that suits everyone, as we all have a different root cause. Ovie gives you a personalized plan to target the root cause. 

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We’ve helped over 5000 women like you learn how to manage their PCOS

“You’ll get some really tangible things that you can implement in your own life that won’t overwhelm you and that are super sustainable.”


“I am so thankful that I’ve been able to understand my PCOS, understand what drives it, been able to get my periods back and track my ovulation”


“I tried every cream, every topical antibiotic and antibiotic for my acne but nothing helped long term. As you can see now, my skin is great!”


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How does Ovie work?

PCOS is a complex condition, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Generic approaches like diet plans, supplements, and medications often fall short because they don’t address the unique needs of each individual.

At Ovie, we understand that everyone’s journey with PCOS is different. That’s why we take a personalized approach. Our comprehensive questionnaire delves deep into your specific circumstances to identify the root causes of your PCOS. Based on this information, we tailor a treatment plan that’s just right for you. Whether you prefer lifestyle changes, medication, or a combination of both, we’ve got you covered.

Just as you wouldn’t settle for a mechanic who doesn’t fix the root cause of your car troubles, why settle for anything less when it comes to your PCOS healthcare? 

Join Ovie today and experience the difference firsthand.

The Program 

Dramatically improve your PCOS in as little as 15 minutes per day!

Within the Ovie program, you will receive personalized information tailored to your profile, symptoms, and goals over the span of several months.

While you can take the program at your preferred pace, studies indicate that establishing a daily habit significantly boosts effectiveness and progress.

Each day, you’ll develop a better understanding of yourself and your PCOS so that you can utilize this information throughout your entire life, ensuring that PCOS is no longer a hindrance. In fact, you’ll learn not only how to live with PCOS but also how to thrive with PCOS!

We make a real difference


93% of users say this program has helped them get control of their sugar and carb cravings


98% of users say they have made “positive” changes to their lifestyle that impact PCOS in 21 days


87% users say they feel empowered knowing what is triggering their PCOS

*Based on 5 week user survey for the same program delivered via The PCOS Nutritionist (same provider)

Created by PCOS experts with decades of clinical and research experience 

Clare Goodwin

Founder & Registered Nutritionist


Emma Wylie

Registered Nutritionist

Jemma Kearney


Sophia Dawson

Resident Psychologist

How we help


Discover your PCOS Profile

Take the Ovie questionnaire to discover what's driving your PCOS


Get your Ovie pathway

This is your personalised pathway to understand YOUR PCOS. We deliver you digestible daily lessons, tasks and quizzes to help you make lifestyle changes for your PCOS


Supported by PCOS experts

You can chat one of the PCOS experts throughout your journey for personalised support and encouragement


Ovie isn't another PCOS Diet

Ovie gives you the tools (and plenty of delicious recipes) to to learn a flexible way of eating that supports your PCOS


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