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Ovie is an online clinic for  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome support.  

Up to  80% of our patients see improvements in less than 21 days. 

Use our free online assessment to find out more and see if Ovie can work for you.

We’ve helped over 5000 women like you learn how to manage their PCOS

“You’ll get some really tangible things that you can implement in your own life that won’t overwhelm you and that are super sustainable.”


“I am so thankful that I’ve been able to understand my PCOS, understand what drives it, been able to get my periods back and track my ovulation”


“I tried every cream, every topical antibiotic and antibiotic for my acne but nothing helped long term. As you can see now, my skin is great!”


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How does Ovie work?

Are you tired of being told that the pill, fertility treatment and low calorie restrictive diets are the only options to improve your symptoms? Have you tried countless diets and supplements without success?

Us too.  

That’s why we created Ovie. With nearly a decade of specialization in PCOS, and our own personal experience, we understand the frustration of trial and error in finding effective treatments. 

We’ve crafted a comprehensive support system that blends personalized lifestyle adjustments with best of breed CBT psychology to ensure that the habits you learn, endure. 

Results Guaranteed

Start seeing changes in just 21 days. 

We know what it’s like to try so many different diets, bootcamps, supplements, medications and countless other treatments, only to find them completely ineffective or unsustainable. 

With nearly a decade of specialisation in PCOS, we know what works and what doesn’t.  

That’s why our Premium Plus plan offers you a money back guarantee. Either we help you lose weight or regulate your cycle, or your money back. 

We make a real difference


93% of users say this program has helped them get control of their sugar and carb cravings


98% of users say they have made “positive” changes to their lifestyle that impact PCOS in 21 days


87% users say they feel empowered knowing what is triggering their PCOS

*Based on 5 week user survey for the same program delivered via The PCOS Nutritionist (same provider)

Created by PCOS experts with decades of clinical and research experience

Clare Goodwin

Founder & Registered Nutritionist


Emma Wylie

Registered Nutritionist

Jemma Kearney


Sophia Dawson

Resident Psychologist

How we help


Discover your PCOS Profile

Take the Ovie questionnaire to discover what's driving your PCOS


Get your Ovie pathway

This is your personalised pathway to understand YOUR PCOS. We deliver you digestible daily lessons, tasks and quizzes to help you make lifestyle changes for your PCOS


Supported by PCOS experts

You can chat one of the PCOS experts throughout your journey for personalised support and encouragement


Ovie isn't another PCOS Diet

Ovie gives you the tools (and plenty of delicious recipes) to to learn a flexible way of eating that supports your PCOS


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